The Latest Smart Home Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2019/2020

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The Latest Smart Home Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2019/2020

If you keep up on the Smart Home Technology trends, you will notice that technology is dominating every industry from automotive and electronics, to fitness and home design. Our computers are getting faster and our homes are getting smarter. And, with that being said, we can’t discuss new home design anymore without mentioning smart home technology. Whether your home is a new construction, or an existing home, ensuring that it is ready for the next wave of smart home accessories is important. This is where a certified electrician can help. By wiring your new home, or rewiring your existing home, to integrate with the latest smart home tech, you can save money and make your home smarter.

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Smart Home Trends That You Should Watch Out For In 2019/2020:

Increased IoT technology- the Internet of Things (or IoT), is basically a connected network of devices and appliances that enables you to take advantage of the latest smart technology. With IoT, you will find more and more connected devices for your home from your kitchen to your bathroom.

Smarter Bathrooms- a smart bathroom that is also functional and stylish? Yes. New smart home technology trends are bringing us smart toilets, customised bidets, motion-activated lights and voice-activated shower controls designed to make your life easier.

Decor-Friendly Gadgets- everything from smart doorbells and oil diffusers, to touch-reactive countertops are being introduced by some of the industry’s leading tech manufacturers. With many of these new integrated smart décor products, home rewiring is necessary to ensure safety and functionality.

Increased Voice Control Integration- while voice control for smart home automation isn’t anything new, 2019 will bring even more voice control to homes which include garage door integration, package delivery features and pet-friendly tech.

Growth Of Artificial Intelligence- as technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence, AI, will continue to grow and evolve. New smart home tech makes controlling your home easier than ever. What used to be hands-free, voice activated, is now becoming both hands and voice-free and operated by AI based on your likes and dislikes. AI will soon be able to sense your mood and set your home controls to help you relax, de stress and unwind after a long day at work.

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