Electrician in London and the Electrical Safety of Children

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Electrician in London and the Electrical Safety of Children

One of the biggest concerns for an electrician in London and the surrounding area is parents being able to safeguard children against electrical risks.

Although there are many measures that can be taken to protect children, some electricians may worry that they’re not doing enough.

Of course, should there be an exposed wire or defective appliance, then an electrician should be called as soon as possible.

However, there are some steps that parents and guardians can take to ensure that children are protected when using electrical items.

The following is an overview of some of the steps that can be taken to help protect children around the home.

Avoid Cheap Electrical Items

Avoiding cheap products doesn’t mean spending a fortune, but some of the chargers and tablets that can be found online may not have been put through stringent checks like more recognised brands.

Simple chargers have the potential to start a fire simply by being the wrong wattage. Ensuring that all forms of chargers and electrical goods carry the CE mark ensure that there is no risk associated with the products being purchased.

It’s understandable that parents and guardians want to save money whenever possible, but it’s of the utmost importance that any device bought online has been put through rigorous safety checks.

Ensure Children Don’t Charge Their Phone Under the Pillow

Children may not see the harm in charging their phone nearby, but it could have serious ramifications.

If your children currently sleep with their phone under their pillow, now would be a good time to change the habit.

Wireless chargers can be a great way of ensuring that temptation is out of reach when it comes to weighing up the options available.

Switch Sockets Off Before Removing a Plug

When children are moving onto the next thing, it’s understandable that there’s a rush when finishing what they were doing before.

If this was watching television or playing video games, then they may need to unplug some power adaptors.

Although a properly-inspected electrical infrastructure means there is less risk when doing this, it’s still advisable to switch off the socket first, as this will eliminate any likelihood of electrocution.

It’s also important to ensure that children are removing plugs in the right way, and not pulling them out using the cable.

Ensure an RCD has been installed Avoid Cheap Electrical Items

An RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving device which has been designed to prevent a fatal electric shock if a live cable or exposed conductive part becomes live. RCDs offer protection that  fuses and circuit-breakers cannot give.It is also worth mentioning that an RCD should only be installed by a qualified electrician

Ensure a Yearly Check-Up is Carried Out by a qualified electrician

Those who rent their property from an agency or landlord will often already have a Condition Report  in place, but homeowners and landlords need to ensure that this is carried out when looking to safeguard a home.

An annual PAT TEST will ensure that all appliances are working as they should, without any potential faults and issues highlighted.

This information is then passed on to the homeowner. Some factors may need more attention than others but employing the services of a Qualified London based electrician ensures that you’re taking care of important repairs and upgrades first.

If you’re looking to ensure that your electrical appliances are working as they should, then why not get in touch with VCO Electrical today to discuss your requirements in more detail