Planned Maintenance

Planned Electrical Maintenance (PPM) also cited as scheduled maintenance is an important and (dependent on industry) obligatory service that’s needed by businesses across the United Kingdom. It’s needed to keep your businesses crucial equipment and electrical installations safe and in sensible operating order. Whereas this is often an important and obligatory service, history has shown that it can be a cost effective one because it will prevent potential electrical down time and potential repair prices.

We at VCO Electrical will support you and your workplace through all-inclusive planned electrical maintenance agreements. We are able to make sure that all of your electrical installations are totally compliant and up to date with the most recent laws.

The regular maintenance of your electrical systems and equipment will scale back the risks of component failures. This could reduce workplace downtime and increase yearly productivity within the workplace. Planned electrical maintenance may prolong the lifetime of your electrical instrumentation. Both advantages will enable your company to work to its full potential and assist in maximizing your business profits.

We can operate our planned electrical maintenance twenty-four hours daily, seven days per week. We are able to perform planned electrical maintenance and maintenance outside of business hours to stop any disruption.

With offices in London and Kent, VCO Electrical is absolutely placed to supply you with the perfect in PPM for your business.

  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Sockets
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Much more!

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All our electricians are highly skilled, competent and accredited, each electricians skills are independently checked through regular on-site inspections from there various respective governing bodies.